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    Hongbo Yatai product design, production, inspection and other procedures strictly in accordance with GB3836The national standard of "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment" is implemented. After all products have passed the inspection and test, and when the packaging is complete, the goods will be received by the Logistics Department.
      Each product of Hongbo Yatai provides the National Explosion-proof Qualification Certificate, the Product Qualification Certificate and the Product Use Instruction issued by the National Explosion-proof Electrical Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
      Our company promises to guarantee the replacement period for the failure caused by the product itself from the date of purchase by the user. 1 Months,1Free maintenance service provided during the yearOur company undertakes the transportation cost of one-way products in mainland China. Products that exceed or are not covered by the warranty period shall be provided with lifelong maintenance services.

    Products requiring repairs, Please communicate with the distributor in advance., Avoid hardware damage caused by equipment in transit

    1.Please show the warranty card and the official purchase invoice approved by the tax department. If you can't issue the invoice and the warranty card, the starting date of the free warranty of the product will be the delivery date of our company.

    2.productWarranty does not include installation support,Not involving accessories and consumables, such as manuals, wires, cables

    3.Product failures caused by the following circumstances are not covered by the warranty:

    1)Product failure due to accident, negligence, disaster, improper operation or misoperation;

    2)Damage caused by impact, fire, lightning, flooding, human negligence and natural disasters or force majeure;

    3)Products that have not been repaired by the company's authorized maintenance unit;

    4Selection of Products、 Accidents or faults caused by installation failure to comply with relevant standards.

    4.The warranty card must be stamped by the distributor before it is valid.

    5.inThe Wenguaranteed Card is only applicable to Mainland China.

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