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    Hongbo Yatai successfully passed the acceptance of additional production license

    time:2019-03-12 Publisher: Number of visits:953次

         On the morning of March 7, 2019, the leader of industrial production safety license audit came to visit our company. During the visit, our company introduced to the leaders the current production scale and operation status of the company.

       Subsequently, a symposium was held in the company's conference room. The leaders of the company had an understanding and consultation on the company's products. Mr. Shi also introduced the company's development history, management system, recent development situation and future development direction. The leaders affirmed the company's development prospects.

      After a day of intense and orderly verification, the inspection team conducted a real-time on-site review of our company. Comrade Ma Qiuju, Chairman of the expert group, summarized the review, believing that our company's factory management norms, strict product standards, perfect products and detailed materials.Judgment: The results of on-site examination of the production license additions are qualified.

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