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    In 2019, Hongbo Yatai New Factory will be built, and the explosion-proof monitoring production system will add new impetus!

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          Combining the current company's high-speed development trend in the market,The existing plant and layout can no longer meet the needs of market development. In order to further enhance the company's manufacturing capacity and promote the overall market competitiveness, the expansion of the company is imperative. Now it has an area of more than 6000 square meters and is expected to be put into production in May.

    Progress of Plant Extension Project


    Photographs of the progress of the expansion of some factories




    Production and Assembly Workshop



    Machining workshop



    From enlarging production workshop to standardizing management, to RD and staffing of designers, customers will have more confidence in our products and services. This expansion is a milestone for the sustainable development of Hongbo Yatai. It will help accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. It is also of great significance for the long-term sustainable development of enterprises in the future. The company will continue to devote itself to innovative research and development, inject fresh blood into the enterprise, and wholeheartedly provide customers with assured, high-quality products.



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