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    Hardware Engineer Shunyi, Beijing 2 person

    1、Bachelor degree or above, more than two years experience in technical support of security monitoring products;

    2、Basic knowledge of circuit principle, familiar with basic electronic components;

    3、Proficient in using Word, Excel and other office software, CAD, Pro/E or SolidWorks mapping software, C and C++ programming languages can cooperate with software engineers to debug the underlying software is preferred.

    Electrician Shunyi, Beijing 2人

    1..Basic knowledge of electronic technology and circuit, Production process of plug-in and other electronic manufacturing

    2.Has certain experience in electronic circuit experiment, can be engaged in electronic circuit welding experience.

    3.Assembly, debugging and measurement of components of electronic and electrical equipment

    system consultant Shunyi, Beijing 2 person

    1、Required to be engaged in weak current system integration for more than 2 years, with network equipment, image monitoring system, security system implementation, debugging and maintenance experience./span>

    2、Has rich operation and maintenance service professional knowledge, familiar with operation and maintenance implementation process and methods. Independently responsible for system integration system architecture design, design and writing technical solutions, product selection, bidding and other related work;

    3.Assist in the compilation of monitoring system scheme and bidding quotation (independent completion is preferred)

    sales manager Shunyi, Beijing 2 person

    1. College degree or above, major related to engineering;

    2. Those who have more than 2 years experience in security or who have worked in petrochemical, petroleum, chemical, military, coal mining and other fields can be directly enrolled.

    General worker 河北廊坊 10人

    Strong practical ability, good health, obedience to management and sense of responsibility

    argon arc welder Langfang, Hebei Province 5 person

    Skilled in using argon arc welding machine and welding products, smooth and beautiful weld joint, no leakage and air leakage

    machining center Langfang, Hebei Province 5 person

    Ability to program software, read drawings, operate machine independently

    CNC lathe worker Langfang, Hebei Province 5 person

    1、Mechanical manufacturing technology (including machine tool equipment, cutting principle, machining technology, selection of cutting parameters, selection and use of tools, fixtures and measuring tools, etc.)。

    2、NC Principle and Basic Operation of Machine Tool

    3、NC Technology and Programming Technology

    4、Method of using CAD/CAM software (including parts geometric modeling, tool path generation, post-processing, etc.)

    5、Ability to program, read drawings and operate machine independently

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