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    Make global industrial production safer

    Enterprise Mission

    Hongbo Yatai is a supplier and manufacturer of the overall scheme of industrial explosion-proof monitoring, focusing on the development and innovation in the field of industrial safety production, providing customers with high-quality services, constantly improving themselves and enhancing their self-worth. We have gained the trust of customers and society by making every effort to push our products to more application areas. Our services cover every corner of the world, escorting global industrial production.

    We lead Chinese brands to the world and win the praise and recognition of the world. Our partners, customers and suppliers are proud to cooperate with Hongbo Yatai. Hongbo Yatai people are a group of outstanding and enterprising people. Everyone here has gained a richer life and a greater development platform.

    We dare to assume responsibility, we are responsible for every customer to the end, service to the end. We adhere to the "11 o'clock corporate culture". We firmly believe that all industrial production, there are safe and reliable Hongbo Yatai equipment.

    Corporate culture

    1 Conscientiousness

           I am fully responsible for my actions and results. Everything that happens in my work and life comes from me. I am fully responsible for the results I have achieved. I know that to make a difference, I need to change first.

    2 Active and enterprising

           Hongbo Yatai always upholds humanities as the foundation of enterprise development,The company has been advocating the creation of a united, active, efficient and stable team, we have always established integrity as the core cultural values of the team. "Be honest and do things honestly" is the code of conduct for every member of our team.

    3 Communicate

          Whether in public or in private, I always affirm my team members, customers and Hongbo Yatai. I use the right language to make conversations constructive and rewarding. I don't use or pay attention to gossip. I acknowledge the sincerity of the speaker and respond responsibly. When I greet people or say goodbye, I must say their names. If it's unpleasant, I apologize first, and then find a solution. I only discuss the problems in private with the people concerned.

    4 Teamwork

    I am a member of the team and a leader of the team. I am committed to working together to achieve team goals. I focus on teamwork and work together to find solutions to problems rather than compromise and compromise. If my work style is not effective, I will adjust it flexibly. When I need help, I turn to others for help. When others turn to me, I'm happy to help.

    5 Thanksgiving

    I am a grateful person. I often say thank you and express my gratitude in different ways. People around me will know how grateful I am to everyone and everything in life. I celebrate my success, the success of my customers and the success of my team. I always guide myself and the people around me to do things right.

    6 loyal

     I think loyalty is the foundation of life, but also the foundation of success. I love my career and I focus on my position. When the company was booming, I had the privilege of joining. When the company was facing a shock, I insisted on it to the end.

    7 Unremittingly
            I am a person who does not bow to difficulties in the face of setbacks. I will not give up because of the setbacks and frustrations ahead. I will go forward bravely in adverse and difficult adversities. Persistence is my attitude towards setbacks and difficulties, and perseverance is my means to deal with ideals and pursuit.

    8 Positive energy

     I am a person full of positive energy. I believe that having positive energy will keep me going up and hopeful and inspire me to pursue happiness. The positive energy I emit will affect my family, friends, colleagues, customers and society, and make my life more fulfilling.

    9 innovate

             I believe that only constant change can lead to development. I am a person who has the courage to innovate. No matter what position I am in, I will give full play to my potential to make suggestions for enterprises, use all resources to create more innovative products and services, and make continuous and endless improvements and innovations in the existing management and marketing ideas, so as to better serve ourselves and our customers.

    10 altruism

     I always cherish altruism and put the interests of others first. I believe that I will get what I deserve and I will certainly get more if I think about others first and succeed in others. When I achieve others and improve myself, altruism is to help others to be happy with themselves, which is the embodiment of my value.

    11 Success

    Everything I do is devoted to and focused on achieving my goals. I recognize win-win thinking and hope that I can succeed and that others can succeed. I am always willing to show my pride, vigor, ability and self-confidence. I am a successful person.

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