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    Brief Introduction to Enterprises

    Beijing Hongbo Yatai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.Is specialized in industrial special explosion-proof monitoring equipment, research and development, production, sales and service in one of the industrial explosion-proof manufacturing enterprises.

    Based on years of experience in explosion-proof manufacturing and sales, the Hongbo Yatai team was officially registered in Beijing in 2011. The company has been devoting itself to designing various explosion-proof monitoring systems for customers of industrial special industries, as well as launching a series of modern monitoring and control systems for coal mine underground monitoring base station and automatic monitoring and video system for coal mine underground mining face for more special coal mine industry.

    A series of explosion-proof television monitoring equipment (explosion-proof infrared integrated camera, explosion-proof integrated camera, explosion-proof ball machine, explosion-proof camera, explosion-proof electric platform, etc.) designed and developed by the team have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, military industry, natural gas, medicine, aerospace and other special fields, and successfully participated in them. Construction of large-scale projects such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, space launch site and China Coal Group. In addition to Class I and II explosion-proof monitoring products, different special monitoring equipment has been developed according to different site requirements of industrial monitoring. Corrosion-resistant series products and high temperature-resistant series products based on special engineering plastics and stainless steel products have been widely used in shipbuilding, seaside, steelmaking and boiler plants which need corrosion resistance. Corrosion and high temperature resistant environment.

    Under the background of big data era, in 2015, Hongbo Yatai people set up a core team of Sino-US technology while constantly improving the quality of explosion-proof front-end equipment. They took the lead in launching intelligent image and video analysis and processing system in the field of national security. This system can be widely used in many fields, such as Jack monitoring, judicial monitoring and explosion-proof monitoring. Domain. Aiming at the massive UHD video data processing over 4K and 4K, the problems of long-term storage, efficient and accurate retrieval and video security supervision are effectively solved.

    Hongbo Yatai specializes in the research and development of safety production monitoring equipment and safety assurance system, production and manufacturing, sales services, monitoring and inspection and other omni-directional business activities. To protect the safety of users, products have been widely recognized and applied in the domestic industry, and become the leading enterprise in the field of safety production services.

    At the same time, Hongbo Yatai has a young, efficient and stable team since its establishment. The annual turnover rate of the team is less than 3%. In order to realize the company's medium and long-term development strategy and promote the company to further strengthen its RD innovation ability and team core competitiveness, our company has actively carried out foreign trade engineering business and International market. Connect with the track.

    We uphold that quality is the life of an enterprise, integrity is the foundation of an enterprise, innovation is the driving force of an enterprise, service is the soul of an enterprise, adhere to the enterprise purpose of quality, integrity, innovation and service, and strive to become a leading domestic and international advanced high-tech safety production enterprise.

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